You don’t have to be tough to succeed in this industry

Erica is a Burrup Hub Coordinator and Mum. She loves working with incredible people, learning and being challenged every day.

Describe your career path to your current job?

Various engineering roles then moved onto leadership roles. I completed an MBA and now am working in a strategic role across the business.

What attracted you to a career in mining & resources?

Being able to work on large projects, travel and work offshore.

How do you juggle working in mining and resources with family life, personal interests and other commitments outside work?

Prioritisation and time management skills. Thankfully I learnt these skills on the job and now use them to ensure I keep a good balance of family, work, exercise and personal time.

What do you think of the general perception that mining and resources is a male-dominated sector?

Some areas of our business have a larger proportion of males to females, but we also have areas of the business with more females than males. I honestly don’t notice any imbalance as we are all part of the same team and treated equally.

What advice would you give to other women considering a career in the sector?

Do it! There are so many exciting opportunities and you won’t look back.

What’s the biggest thing you would like other women to know about working in mining and resources?

It’s not all about wearing work boots and hard hats, it’s also a very professional career. You don’t have to be tough to succeed in this industry, being your authentic self is the key.

What initiatives/policies has your employer put in place to encourage more women to be involved in the sector?

Woodside holds STEM workshops with high school students. We do a lot of work with the universities and take on vacation students to give them a taste of our exciting opportunities.