Vacation students get firsthand experience

Yara Pilbara once again hosted its Graduate Engineering program over the Summer, giving final year university students practical experience and invaluable insights into the ammonia and technical ammonium nitrate operations.

Yara Pilbara has hosted a number of vacation students for a three-month program over the summer.

Scott Collier is studying a double degree in chemical engineering and chemistry at Curtin University and wants to be a chemical engineer. “It’s been my first internship, so it’s given me a fundamental insight into what an engineer does every day,” Scott said.

Caren Kosgei is studying chemical engineering and is in the final year of a Masters of Professional Engineering (chemical engineering) at Curtin University. She is applying for a graduate position with Yara. “I have a couple of units that deal with process control and tuning and I get to see it all here so it makes a lot more sense,” Caren said.

Jean-Pierre Chedid is studying electrical and electronic engineering at the University of WA and will also apply for Yara’s graduate program. “I want to go into design electrical engineering, then maintenance and work towards a management career,” Jean-Pierre said. The students will present on the projects they have been working on before they complete their program on February 19.